Know Your Rights!

Being charged with a crime can impact many areas of your life, including where you reside, your career and even your liberty. The most important thing you can do is contact an experienced criminal defense attorney. Get representation and take advantage of my years of experience.

Your first criminal court appearance is the Preliminary Hearing. Your defense starts here, and ultimately determines whether the case moves on to the next phase. Retaining an attorney who knows how to challenge the government’s allegations early is critical to your defense. My firm has been successful defending cases at this level, having charges reduced or withdrawn and gaining client’s release on bail.

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Drunk Driving

In September of 2003, Act 24 lowered the legal limit of alcohol from .10 to .08 and created what is known as the tiered approach. Penalties include loss of license, fines and even jail time. Don’t go it alone.

My firm has been successful in having clients admitted into the ARD Program, reducing jail time and successfully defending clients in court. Please call my office for a free consultation.

  • Drug Offenses

    It’s no secret that the war on drugs has impacted us all. Possession of a controlled substance in Pennsylvania can result in charges ranging from a summary citation to a more serious felony.

    If you’ve been charged with a possessory drug offense, please call my office immediately. Do not make any statements to the police or discuss your case with friends. Write down everything you can remember about the arrest and be prepared to review it with me.

    In my career as a Public Defender and later as a private practitioner, I’ve been successful in having charges reduced or withdrawn, preserving my client’s driving privileges, having them admitted into the ARD Program, and successfully defending cases in court. Remember that your defense begins at the Preliminary Hearing, so don’t delay.

  • Felony, Misdemeanor, Summary and Juvenile Matters

    If you’ve been charged with a crime, no matter it’s grading or type of offense, it’s important to know your constitutional rights. While most people have heard on television and can recite the Miranda warning, few understand it’s complexities.

    The best universal advice I can offer is that you remain silent and ask for an attorney.

    I have been successful reducing misdemeanor to summary offenses, having felonies withdrawn or dismissed after hearings and negotiating favorable outcomes for my clients.

    In all matter of criminal cases, I offer free no-obligation consultations, so if you or your child have been charged with a crime, please call my office before going to court.